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By providing the industry’s widest range of high impact, high efficiency production solutions, Ross drives video production for billions of global viewers, empowering compelling and engaging news, weather and sports broadcasts, sports stadium screens, entertainment shows and concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate applications and inspiring houses of worship content.

Model: Gator Toolbox

Gator Toolbox is your easy-to-use and comprehensive UHD signal conversion problem solver in a modular openGear form factor.
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Thunderbolt HD Goes Live with Ross in Record Time
Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2012
Thunderbolt HD Goes Live with Ross in Record Time
May 17, 2012 [Iroquois, ON Canada] – Ross Video provides a bolt of power to Camp Digital’s production vehicle – Thunderbolt HD.
Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Camp Digital’s latest production vehicle, aptly named Thunderbolt HD, has been built around core production technologies from Ross Video. Designed for large event productions, Thunderbolt HD has been equipped with a Ross Vision 3 production switcher, NK series signal routing and an XPression Graphics system.
“Thunderbolt HD was assembled in record time. We took delivery of the chassis on Christmas Eve 2011, and we produced our first show on January 25, 2012,” said Tom Gregory, Vice President of Business Development, Camp Digital. “We’ve been back-to-back ever since. The truck has been well received and performing flawlessly since day one.”
Camp Digital has teamed up with Ross Video, making Thunderbolt HD available for product demonstrations previewing the various integrated Ross products on board.
“Thunderbolt HD is unique, integrating powerful production technologies in a very cost effective mobile platform. When it’s not booked on a production, Ross will have access to this very cool vehicle to provide demonstrations and hands-on training to prospective clients. It is an excellent showcase for Ross in the mobile production market,” said Nigel Spratling, Marketing Product Manager – Communications, Switchers. “We get to show off our products in an ideal environment and Camp Digital get to meet new potential users, making this a beneficial partnership for us both.”