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Gator Toolbox is your easy-to-use and comprehensive UHD signal conversion problem solver in a modular openGear form factor.
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Ross XPression Graphics Sparkle on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance
Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Iroquois, ON, Canada – August 3, 2011 –FOX’s highly-rated summer series, So You Think You Can Dance, went live this season with a new graphics platform from Ross Video.  The XPression 2D/3D CG and Motion Graphics System provides all of the on-screen graphics during the show, including dancer ID’s and full-screens.
“We’re very pleased that the production team from So You Think You Can Dance was open to trying a new graphics platform.” said Brian Olson, Marketing Product Manager for XPression.  “When we dropped off the XPression a couple days before air, the engineers at CBS Television City, where the show is produced, were pleasantly surprised.  They racked it up, connected the wires, booted the system, and animated graphics showed up on the production switcher already timed.  They said it was almost too easy.”
“XPression is the 'yes' box,” said Laura Staat, graphics operator for the show.  “Can I colorize an image to compliment lighting?  Yes.  Can I play out two clips simultaneously on two different channels and free up EVS?  Yes.  Can you grab this star field?  Yes.  Are you ready?  Yes.  It's a fast paced day, and 'no' is not an option.”
“XPression's design and playback capabilities have freed our editors from graphic design duties,” said Craig Gooder, Post Production Supervisor for SYTYCD.  “Laura can work directly with lighting, producers, and the director to create graphic content as needed in the control room where the action is.  This saves me time to concentrate on editing.”
About XPression
XPression is a high end 3D Character Generator and Motion Graphics System that can handle the most demanding applications. Ease-of-use, incredible horsepower, and true affordability make XPression the right choice for today’s graphics market.  XPression offers real time layering and animation of 3D models, 2D and 3D text, rendered animations, live video and web content.  Designed for the graphic designer, programmer, and on air operator, XPression advances the look of productions, making it easy to create, manage, and get to air. As a data-driven system, XPression is able to integrate real time data into 3D graphics and animations with live connections to spreadsheets, databases, RSS feeds, newsroom editorial systems and other live data sources