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Ross Revamps Video Server Solutions for Even Greater Value
Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Ross Revamps Video Server Solutions for Even Greater Value

Ottawa, Canada, December 1st 2021 – Ross is pleased to announce a refresh of our Video Server solutions range, with new functionality being added to the Mira, Tria and Kiva products as well as a price reduction across the range for even greater value. Today’s online broadcast unveiling the updates is now available to watch on-demand.

Under the new banner of ‘Production, Presentation & Replay’, the revised range now boasts a variety of additional features and ‘available as standard’ upgrades. Every video server product is now updated with an ‘As Run Logging and Log Report Creator’ feature that makes it quick and easy to provide clients with a CSV or PDF file from logs that have verified content playout for billing confirmation purposes.

The flagship Mira+ replay server is updated to support 24 frames per second and ‘true 60p’ frame rates. The high frame rate ‘super slow-motion’ feature — previously available as an option — is now added to all Mira+ models as standard, as is one Mira Control Surface.

The compact Mira Express model gets a storage upgrade to 76 hours — double the previous capacity — and a brand-new model is being unveiled with over 152 hours of total storage — four times the original capacity! A new powerful clip networking feature is also added to Mira Express as standard, enabling replay operators to playout clips from another Mira Express across a local network.

The Tria+ multi-channel production server is updated to support a variety of additional frame rates, and the compact Tria Express Duet production server also benefits from the clip networking feature mentioned above — offering important efficiency advantages to workflows in which multiple Tria Express Duet video servers are used.

Rounding out the feature update news, the award-winning Kiva+ presentation server gets a new sibling, with this new model supporting three PGM/PVW playout channel pairs — the original models support one or two channel pairs. Also new in Kiva is the ability to undock the ‘Channel tab’ for each channel pair in the Kiva Presenter app so that each channel pair can be positioned on its own computer display.

Finally, Ross is also pleased to announce a restructuring of prices across the full range of video server solutions, with some prices being cut by up to 40%. “We’ve spent a great deal of time listening to our customers throughout the pandemic,” notes Douglas Johnson, Product Manager for Video Servers at Ross, “and we’ve heard the need for greater efficiency and even more value. Our revamped range of video server solutions directly addresses these needs with enhanced feature sets, improved ease of use and even better return on investment. Ross is committed to helping customers overcome their creative, business, and technical challenges, and these updates and changes do precisely that!”