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Model: XPression Tessera One

XPression Tessera One is an all-in-one solution that provides over six million broadcast quality pixels to drive engaging content to your venue's LED displays.
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Teledoce Chooses Ross for Studio Flexibility and Efficiency
Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Teledoce Chooses Ross for Studio Flexibility and Efficiency

Ottawa, Canada, May 26th 2021 – Teledoce is based in the Uruguayan capital city of Montevideo and produces a variety of news, sports and entertainment content from their six studios. Now employing just over three hundred staff, this private national broadcaster has been on-air since 1962 and currently offers over twelve hours of live programming daily. One of the leading shows is Telemundo, a news program that is broadcast three times a day, with the evening show being the most popular. When the team behind Telemundo decided to update the look and feel of the show, they called Ross.

"One of the biggest challenges for us was how to update the studio and give it an innovative, contemporary look, but create a space that could be multi-format, i.e. used for different segments and even for different shows," comments Andres Lapi, Technical & Operations Manager at Teledoce. "Our team had met Jorge (Sobenes, Ross Regional Sales Manager for South and Central America) at an event a long time ago so I gave him and call and explained our problem. That's how we arrived at the decision to use LED displays with Ross XPression graphics and XPression Tessera to render the graphics. The LED displays give us great flexibility – we can arrange the displays in different configurations and use XPression to feed them with great-looking graphics content and XPression Tessera always makes the displays look like one single canvas."

With flexibility becoming an increasingly important theme in broadcast, investments need to be made very carefully. "Studio space is obviously valuable real-estate and if we have the ability to use that space for multiple applications, that's very attractive," notes Lapi. "Not everyone has the luxury of building a dedicated hard set for one show that stays in place for years, so we have to be more agile. I'm very pleased with the outcome – the LED displays have opened up some amazing creative options and we've got a great team of graphic designers who have really embraced this new solution and are producing wonderfully engaging visuals."

The end result is important, of course, but the process of achieving it matters too, and Lapi is fulsome in his praise for the team at Ross. "The closeness of the sales team, the constant help and quick attention were all very impressive. The online Ross communities were also very helpful, and it has been easy for us to get quick answers to questions. Once we decided on the right direction, everything went very smoothly and was pretty stress-free. Our solution is robust, easy to use, gives us plenty of creative options and has definitely made our workflows more efficient." Lapi has also noticed a real business benefit to working with Ross. "Our new visual look has impressed other broadcast partners and we've recently signed a three-year deal with an international company to produce a sports program for them. Ultimately, we are a private company and have to make good commercial decisions – working with Ross has definitely been one of our most positive choices to date."