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Ross Live Season 2 Keynote Delivers Innovative New Solutions
Posted on Thursday, October 15, 2020
Ross Live Season 2 Keynote Delivers Innovative New Solutions

Ottawa, Canada, October 15th 2020 – Ross Live Season 2 officially kicked off today with a keynote presentation given by CEO David Ross and Executive VP & CMO Jeff Moore. In an upbeat and pragmatic address, brought to the audience using Ross equipment, both speakers highlighted the difficulties faced by customers during this pandemic, stressed the long-term financial stability of the Ross business, and reaffirmed their commitment to supporting customers throughout the remainder of this pandemic and beyond. “Ross has always played the long game and we consistently talk about the sense of partnership we have with our customers,” notes David Ross. “Customers trust us to help them through challenging times with innovative solutions, safe in the knowledge that we we’re a rock solid and reliable company.”

As well as reviewing some of the solutions launched earlier this year during Season 1, including the multi-award-winning Graphite PPC (portable production center), David and Jeff announced a number of new solutions for 2020, including an incredible development with production switchers. 

TouchDrive – the next generation production switcher panel series for Carbonite redefines the relationship between a Technical Director and their switcher. It brings the same touch technology you know and love from your smart phone to video production switchers – even gestures. Every display on the control panel is touch enabled. All of them. This allows features to be dropped right under the fingertips of the Technical Director. These high-resolution displays make source and device control faster and enables functions like panel mapping without having to dive into menus. If you see a readout you want to change, just touch it – it’s incredibly intuitive!

Ultrix V4.4 – the latest version of our Ultrix routing and AV processing platform sees the introduction of Ultrimix-MXR, a full virtual audio mixer license option. With 128 inputs and 64 outputs (partitionable into smaller mixers so you can have multiple instances within the frame) Ultrimix-MXR has access to any audio source in the system. It includes 4 band Parametric Equalizers, Noise Gate and Compressor/Limiter on every input. In addition, it has 128 Direct Outputs for simple audio processing as part of its standard feature set. Given that the outputs can be reentered, Ultrimix-MXR provides almost infinite flexibility for the most creative audio engineer to set up custom processing workflows.  It is controllable via a beautiful DashBoard User Interface as well as wizard based, application specific panels for both the 2RU and 4RU Ultritouch hardware control panels.

OverDrive V20 – the world’s most popular production automation solution features a big update to QuickTurn, a tool to automate the production of segments for your website and social media. QuickTurn connects to the rundown in OverDrive and records your production live into a server that automatically encodes and prepares clips of your content for publication to the web. QuickTurn helps keep your website up to date, shortens publication time and saves hours of manual editing.

Lucid – Ross is pleased to announce Lucid, the replacement for the UX control system for Augmented Reality and Virtual Studio applications. Lucid is paired with either Ross Voyager or Ross XPression render engines and works with almost any tracking system. The Lucid operator interface is now fully configurable and can save personalized settings – users can specify specific control panels for specific production phases. For example, you can have different views for pre-production work versus what you use live on air. Lucid is easier to use and offers even greater flexibility.

Piero V16 – the latest version of the Piero sports analysis graphics system is updated to include support for 4K-UHD and HDR, and now includes a ‘Down and Distance’ feature for American football.

Commenting on the keynote event, Jeff Moore highlights ‘innovation’ as a key theme for Ross Live Season 2. “We are all very proud of the work done by our R&D teams this year during these challenging circumstances. It’s crucial that we continue innovating and delivering solutions that help our customers right now and in future, regardless of how the ‘new normal’ appears. Groundbreaking innovations like TouchDrive help Ross deliver greater customer value, and we’d encourage everyone to keep watching Ross Live Season 2 because we’ve plenty more exciting announcements to come.”

Each week during Ross Live Season 2, Ross product experts, technology partners and customers will look at specific live production applications, consider the creative, business, and technical challenges customers face in each environment, and propose innovative solutions to these problems. For the full schedule of presentations, please click here.