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Closure Plate and Mounting Clips for Crestron® Shades


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The Closure Plate is sold as part of a custom-configured product or can ordered by length via the Crestron® Design Tool for Crestron Shading Solutions. This specifications page is for informational purposes and shows the available closure plates for shades.

Closure Plates
A closure plate helps to conceal the underside of a Crestron® roller shade after it is mounted, attaching to the interior of extrusions such as fascia, headboxes, and D pockets. When extrusions are not used, a pocket mounting clip installs under the roller shade to hold closure plates in place.

The 1-1/2' and 3' closure plates can be used with D pockets and pocket mounting clips. The 5' closure plate can only be used with the pocket mounting clips because it is too large for the D pocket opening. (A 1-3/8' closure plate comes with the architectural headbox, but is used with that headbox only.)

Pocket Mounting Clips
When a D pocket or headbox is not used, a pocket mounting clip holds the closure plate in place under the shade roller. The pocket mounting clip is used for recessed mounting and can be mounted into a customer provided pocket (such as wood or drywall) by drilling through the top portion of the mounting clip. Otherwise, screw heads may prevent the closure plate from mounting correctly.

A pocket mounting clip with tile lip is intended for recessed mounts where a drop-tile ceiling is present. The tile lip provides a place for acoustical ceiling tiles to rest. The bottom of the pocket mounting clip with tile lip is designed to match a T-bar ceiling for a seamless installation.

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